Synergy S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit

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The Synergy S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping kit provides a useful platform for developing IoT applications on the S3A7 MCU Board. The purpose of the kit is to enable the user to easily evaluate the capabilities of the board and its peripherals by providing a simple platform to get an IoT demo up and running quickly. By leveraging the GT202 Wi-Fi Module, the Synergy S3A7 kit is ideal for node and sensor-based IoT solutions requiring Wi-Fi. A pre-programmed Smart Chef IoT demo is included with easy set-up and configuration using Renesas IoT Sandbox powered by Medium One’s Cloud with Data Intelligence.

What's In the Kit?

  • S3A7 MCU Board
  • New Haven 2.4" LCD
  • J-Link Lite Cortex-M 9-Pin
  • AMS Environmental Sensor PMOD Module
  • Bosch Motion Sensor PMOD Module
  • USB Battery & Cable
  • USB Thumb Drive

Available Demos

Smart Chef Demo

The kit comes pre-programmed with the Smart Chef IoT demo which is a pre-configured platform designed to show developers how to quickly and easily integrate their embedded devices with cloud-based enterprise solutions allowing them to benefit from the power of the cloud, while meeting real-time needs.

  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor - monitoring cooking conditions
  • Air Quality Sensor - checks smoke coming from grill
  • Proximity Sensor - determine when grill lid is closed
  • Accelerometer - detect if grill is tipped over or moved
  • Location using Smartphone App
  • Weather service data streamed
  • Diagnostics and reports on current state and past usage of grill
  • Touch Screen display to control grill, provide alerts, and show recipes
  • Notifications sent via SMS and email
GPS PMOD sold separately.

Get Started: Quick Start Guide

Smart Machine with IoT Vibration Monitoring

This demo shows how a vibration sensor attached to a professional machine sends data to the Renesas IoT Sandbox cloud where it is analyzed for vibration levels. Pre-built cloud workflows are provided allowing you to create rules and alerts based on the analytics. The kit can easily be configured and mounted on any machine without the need for any programming. For example, an ideal application would be asset monitoring for industrial applications. You can determine optimum maintenance schedules or alert operators in the event of equipment problems. Start prototyping and monitoring your machines today!

Get Started: Quick Start Guide

Smart Meter

The Smart Energy IoT demo shows how easy it is to build practical energy-related IoT cloud applications with the RL78/I1C, single chip energy monitoring solution. By connecting the S3A7 Kit to the RL78, you’ll be able to send energy measurement data to the Renesas IoT Sandbox cloud for analysis. Renesas IoT Sandbox pre-built workflows are provided allowing you to calculate greenhouse gas C02 emissions and electricity usage for any appliance or device plugged into the RL78. Energy data can be viewed on your laptop or mobile device. Start prototyping and monitoring your carbon footprint today!

  • RL78/I1C Measure It! kit
  • Adaptor board with cable (Contact Renesas)

Get Started: Quick Start Guide

BTLE and Lora

This demo allows two S3A7 boards to communicate directly with each to other via BTLE or Lora. One of the S3A7 boards acts as an "end-node" collecting data from the AMS environmental sensor. The other S3A7 board acts as a "gateway" communicating with the "end-node" and the Renesas IoT Sandbox Cloud.

  • 2 S3A7 Boards
  • 2 Renesas BTLE PMOD modules (Request from Renesas)
  • 3 Linklabs Lora PMOD modules with Ensemble mode (Request from Renesas)

Get Started:

Renesas IoT Sandbox Data Intelligence Powered by Medium One

The Renesas IoT Sandbox allows developers to rapidly build IOT applications using cloud services and real-time workflows. All the functions needed for development are included – from connecting to the cloud and processing any device data, to IOT centric libraries with analytics functions for predicting trends and detecting anomalies. Renesas IoT Sandbox aggregates all event data from any source, whether its sensors, mobile apps or your existing cloud and performs real-time processing to extract intelligence or implement automation. All data is handled in a secure environment with robust multi-layered security features. With Renesas IoT Sandbox, developers can focus on their application logic while we quickly extract intelligent insights to power their applications.


  • Enterprise-grade cloud
  • Real-time event visualization
  • Real-time data processing
  • Pre-built templates for workflows
  • Ultra-fast time to market for applications
  • Automated onboarding for development kits
  • No infrastructure to manage
  • No charge for use of the Renesas IoT Sandbox